Thursday, November 21, 2019

LEGAL ASPECTS OF HOSPITALITY Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

LEGAL ASPECTS OF HOSPITALITY - Research Paper Example As a means of drawing inference upon these specific sectors of interest, this particular student will analyze these factors based upon the determinant of seeking to become a hotel manager. Furthermore, when choosing this particular topic, it came to the attention of the researcher that the specific subject matter has a direct correlation to both the legal matters as well as the applicability and practicality of choosing this specific field as a potential future career path. The reasons for this are as follows: 1) hotel management provides the most direct link between the client, the employee, and providing a high quality of service/ensuring future profitability, 2) hotel management requires that the hotel manager should be perennially cognizant of the means by which legal issues impact upon the work that they engage in, 3) hotel management is a promising and rapidly growing sector that represents a high level of opportunity for the graduate that has a background in hospitality or tou rism related sectors. The Responsibilities of the Hotel Manager Given the role of a hotel manager or the Deputy or Operations Manager, in absence of the general manager, he is to run the hotel on a daily basis. The hotel manager is tasked to give solutions to the emergencies and problem the hotel faces each and every day. The hotel manager also take charge of the different departments of the hotel. But most of all, the operations manager reports to the general manager who will give the tasks and responsibilities to him. The general manager asks for jobs to be done and sometimes does not necessarily ask for any rationales as long as he gets what he wanted. Thus it can be said that being a hotel manager is one of the most challenging job a hotel industry major can ever pursue as a career having to ensure the job gets done under his management an he gives smiles to his boss at the end of the day. What should be done? What are the jobs to be done by the management team as well as the la bor force? As enumerated by ACCOR (n.d.), the hotel industry "has a key role to play in sustainable development. Indeed, every hotel faces at its level the main current environmental issues: building heating, water consumption, household (guest) and industrial (laundry, restaurant) waste management, site preservation†¦ A hotel is thus a real proving ground for exploring new technologies and new lifestyles." These responsibilities are not as easy as they seem. The ground work for everything to keep together in a daily basis while having different sets of guests, season, environmental and financial status as well as the unexpected calamities may hinder keeping the employees do their responsibilities. The hotel operation is 24/7 and does not have any break time or closing hours like any other business. From maintaining the cleanliness, serving the requests of the guests and keeping all the facilities up and running smoothly require enough knowledge and dedication from the staff. A ccording to the interview done by Harvey Chipkin (2013) to Ted Mandigo, a veteran

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