Friday, February 7, 2020

Conflict Management in the Restaurants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Conflict Management in the Restaurants - Essay Example Conflicts and disagreements that arise in the restaurant and hospitality industry can differ from those in the corporate sector, said a general manager of an establishment that generates tens of thousands of dollars in sales in week. In the restaurant industry, the hours an employee works are often long and varied and some workers may find themselves spending more time with their colleagues than with their own families, which can lead to conflicts, outbursts and clashes, said the assistant general manager of the same establishment. "Everyone is here more than their with their families," he said. "It's not like you're at a sit down job where you're in front of computer all day or at a press where you can't hear anybody. There's down time, and they are going to talk to each other." "Operators/ managers turn a blind eye to conflict at their own peril-customer loyalty is at stake, says Cathy Greenberg, managing partner of h2c consulting company, with offices in Tuscon and Philadelphia. "Customers will return to restaurants where they feel they're known, she explains. "Ongoing and unresolved staff conflict will lead to high turnover, which in turn will lead your customers feeling disconnected from your business." "Communicating with employees is essentialThe manager has to have an ongoing dialogue with all the staff. Managers need to diffuse and stay on top of situations. How you get there is that ongoing, daily dialogue." ( While handling an issue as it arises is urgent, the manner in which conflicts are resolved have changed over the years. While an employee can be terminated on the spot depending on the severity of the incident, most companies and organizations now have steps that must be followed to resolve issues. "In the last ten years it's really been different," the general manager said. "Ten years ago you could tell them 'if you can't see it my way you can just leave.' Now you have to try and understand what they're thinking and where they're coming from." Procedures today now include verbal warnings, documentation/ write-ups, a three-day suspension and then, finally, termination. The gender of the management dealing with a conflict can also play a role in how the situation is handled. Men and women differ widely on their emotions, reactions to situations and stress levels. This all plays a part in how a situation can be resolved. "Being a female, I

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